Insecurity! Represent!

I was going to post this picture as a visual of being insecure:

But then I realized they're like "Embrace your shape! Love yourself! But here's a picture of a skinny woman with long legs!" So, you can only embrace your shape if you're THAT shape? Or what?

So I found this instead:

Yeah, that's more like it.

So, the point of this post today is...I am feeling insecure today.

And I know why.

I haven't been doing yoga every day, and I really think that is the reason. When I was doing it every day, my confidence level was HIGH. I also slept like crap last night, and didn't eat the healthiest food yesterday. Insecurity all comes down to how you treat your body, I swear.

The lesson here (for me) is: Even if I'm busy, I have to squeeze yoga in somehow!!! Not to mention good food and good sleep. I have no idea why I slept like crap last night, but the crappy food and the stressful day might have had something to do with it...

I keep waking up in the morning with the intention of doing yoga when I get up. And it just doesn't happen. I wonder what the best way to train yourself to do this is.

Love yourselves, kids. 

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  • Sara Burke | 06 July, 2012 08:44

    Maybe try to get up 15 minutes earlier and just do it. (This advise has been brought to you by someone that holds the Oscar for worst time management in a family setting.)

  • Small Girl Big World | 06 July, 2012 09:15

    I don't mind getting advice from someone who doesn't follow their own =D But that is a good idea...Maybe set my alarm 15 minutes earlier so I actually get out of bed by the time I really need to...Hmm...You have given me something to ponder my friend, thank you =D

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