Complicated Sex Graphic

I have seen this graphic before, but it's on the "Sex at Dawn" website as an excerpt from the book. I haven't gotten this far in the book, if it does indeed appear there. But it's really, really interesting. There are so many options to love and relationships, yet we all think we know what's best, especially for other people, instead of just letting them do what they want as long as they're not hurting anyone...
I just find it really interesting.

I haven't gotten very far in "Sex at Dawn," but it's already got me thinking, mostly about how everything we learned in school is apparently wrong, and I could see that. They mention that the popular view about female sexuality is that women just aren't that interested in it, which we all know is wrong. But, I think about myself and I'm like "I dunno, I don't have to have it every day or anything, there are days when I never think about it," but apparently men have constant boners and can't stop thinking about it (I'm exaggerating). So, I'm like, "If it's wrong that women aren't interested, then why am I just not interested most of the time?" I love sex, I really do, but it's not my goal every day to get laid. (And I'm not saying it is for guys, either...)

But anyway, because I haven't gotten too far in the book yet, I can't really have an opinion on all of it yet. It's kind of complex, but it's super interesting.

P.S. Sorry the type on the graphic is so small...It's the only version I could find...But I just discovered if you click on it, it gets a *little* bigger.

Update: I found a bigger graphic. This time if you click on it, it should be really easy to read.

Update to my update: Never mind. If it's embedded, it stays small. Here's a link to it BIG


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