Today, A Poem

Ripped From a Dream

My heart is my dwelling in
Past regrets and hurts.
Cerebral is my present,
Tangible, hot to the touch.
The fires of realization burn
Behind my eyelids
And below my bones.
Ripped from the dream
I thought I was living,
Kicking and screaming,
Into the light.
A child, a tantrum.
It’s glaring and blinding,
Spots twinkle in my vision,
This is all too much,
This reality check.
I don’t like it here,
I want to be in the
Comforting arms
Of all I thought was real,
The mirage of you,
Of dedication, of love.
I want to go home,
To my dwelling in
Past regrets and hurts.

(If you try and steal my writing, I will hunt you down.)


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